Here are a few videos  taken from different shows with Upswing.

2011, UpSwing Performs at New York Aerial Festival, Nov 29-Dec 3. This video is from La Guardia Performing Arts Center Nov 29th. Music by Bill and John Storch.

2011, UpSwing performs Snowbirds at "SevenUp" show in Berkeley, Jan 15-16.  Music by Kevin Keller.

2011, Cara performs "Split Focus" at "SevenUp" show in Berkeley, Jan 15-16. Music by Ela Lamblin.

"Entwined" performed by Hannah Dworkin. Choreography and Video by Cherie Carson. Music by Bill & John Storch.

Second Annual Festival of Aerial Arts Teaser Performance 2014 at VauLt in Houston Texas. UpSwing Aerial dancers Alissa Kaplan and Elizabeth Milne-Kahn performed "Within the Circle".

Beautiful show!

Posted by Cherie Carson on Sunday, December 7, 2014