About the Company

UpSwing Aerial Dance & Company is a nonprofit arts company administered as a 501 © (3) nonprofit under the Dancers' Group's Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

Dancers' Group
44 Gough Street #201
San Francisco, California 94103
Phone: 415-920-9181
EIN: 94-2879185


Anne H, Berkeley, CA   “UpSwing Aerial Dance Company-Loved the act at the end of the night.”

Michelangelo S. Sacramento, CA   “But my most favorite performance at the entire event was the aerial artist group "Upswing". These ladies were extremely elegant and lovely in the way they flowed through the air and on the ground as they hovered on elegant fabric "swings". Gorgeous costuming, elegant & breathtaking choreography, it was a visual poetry for we visual participants...”

Bill B., El Cerrito, CA   “The ‘Snowbirds’ aerial dance was an impressive conclusion to the event…”

About the Classes

Parents comments....

"Girls Who Fly and Teens Who Fly has been an important piece of the pie in my girls' childhood and young womanhood.  You have added to both of my girl's sense of poise and confidence and have been a safe port during the stormy seas of adolescence.  Keep up the good work - you and your program are making a difference in young people's lives, and creating beautiful art to boot!"   Sara Stutz

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. My daughter truly enjoyed taking your aerial dance classes during the winter session and is very excited about the upcoming camps. I too am very impressed and pleased with the environment you've created for the girls to learn and development within. I sincerely thank you for the gift that you've given my daughter. I have seen very positive, beautiful qualities forming in her since she has joined your classes. Many thanks," Fatema Crane

Student Comments...

"Studio 12 is exceptionally supportive of all levels of physical ability and skill. After cancer treatment five years ago, I thought I would never get on a trapeze again, but a wonderful friend gave me a gift certificate to Studio 12, which might be one of the most important gifts I have ever received. All of the teachers have been so accepting of the serious limitations I have in my leg and have helped me do things with my body that I never dreamed possible. I know that the community at Studio 12 and being able to continue my passion has helped my healing tremendously. I still have trouble walking, but at least I can fly!! Thank you so much, Cherie, Ashley, Hannah and everyone at the studio." Mary Love

"Our favorite way to play...These classes on trapezes and other low flying aerial equipment are up there at the top of my list of big fun to be had in this world! My daughters take Girls Who Fly and Kids Who Fly, and these classes truly rock and are their favorite part of the week. I love the aerial adult class and have been doing this form of movement, with great pleasure, for many years. The teachers at Studio 12 are fun, supportive, creative and kind. I can not recommend these classes more highly as a worthwhile and whimsical exploration of self which instills confidence, grace, balance, improv. and communication skills. Enjoy!" Beth Gelfand

"Cherie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She is very observant and always brings humor and kindness into her classes in both yoga and aerial dance. She helps everyone learn at their own level and is very supportive yet pushes people just enough that they grow and learn without becoming discouraged. She also brings a wealth of experience to her classes; this is something I appreciate greatly. I feel her classes have allowed me to learn things I would never have been able to with any other teacher. I highly recommend her!"  

"I'm coming up on my first Monday without a trapeze class this summer and wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a fabulous time I had and how pleased I was with both teachers! I'm out of shape and overweight but never felt intimidated or left behind. I always felt welcome and supported and acquired skills that I didn't think possible after the first class (which was a shock to the system but totally exciting!). I received a good amount of individual attention from both teachers and seeing as installing a trapeze in my own apartment looks impractical, I definitely plan on attending more classes. I'm thrilled to have discovered UpSwing and look forward to more trapeze time in the future!"  Sarah Kurtz

"'Look at me! I’m flying!' Well, not precisely, but it feels that way. It’s the most dynamic and exciting dance partner I’ve ever had. Since I started taking aerial classes at Studio 12 Flys almost three years ago, my life has truly changed. I could go on about the amazing benefits to my back and the great development of my muscles, but the emotional and lifestyle benefits have been even greater. In our playful classes and particularly in our improv performances, I have found joy. All dance is about movement. But aerial dance literally adds an entire new dimension to your movement, bringing it from the floor up into the air. This opens up a world of extraordinary new possibilities, as well as a world of extraordinary new challenges. Finding the strength, both physical and emotional, to meet those challenges is an amazing developmental experience. The feeling of “I can do it!” encourages you to even greater feats. There is nothing like working with absolutely excellent dancers to help you become a better dancer. I’ve also been inspired by my instructors to greater accomplishments in other areas of life, such as cycling. I have never met a community of dancers who made me feel more welcome and appreciated. This is a very friendly group! Aerial dance has made an enormous difference to me, and I am proud to be part of the UpSwing Aerial Dance community. No workout will put a spring in your step like this one!" Beth Zuckerman